Our Services

Wheatfield Nursery carries the largest inventory of plant material in central Pennsylvania.  In addition to selling high quality plants, we offer the following services:

Delivery of plant material is available to customers in the central region and beyond.

Triple ground mulch is available for pick up or delivery.  Additional types of mulches as well as topsoil and gravel are available at our parent company, Scott's Landscaping, Inc. Call (814) 364-2100.

Tree Installation is available, and the fee varies according to the size of the tree.  Our work is warranted for the first year.

Custom container gardens, both commercial and residential, can be planted by our in-house staff.  Also, please ask about special-order pottery, water features, and garden sculpture. 

Wholesale accounts can be set up with Wheatfield Nursery for those operating in the industry.  Please call or visit our office to see if your business qualifies.